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A post that restricts the movement or access of vehicles

What are Bollards?

Originally bollards were used to moor boats in a dock. Now the term is used to generally describe a post that protects an area or directs vehicles to a desired location.

Previously they would have been a heavy duty static post or bell. In this day and age, they come in many formats however the principal is simple. In essence they protect or control the access of an area from vehicles whilst allowing the free movement of pedestrians.

What are the benefits of Bollards?

  • Safety – Bollards can provide a solid barrier against the movement of vehicles between two areas. They can be extremely robust and provide protection from impacts even from vehicles the size of a HGV.
  • Flexible – There are many different formats to suit each need. From simple Surface Mounted Bollards to Retracting Automatic Bollards that are connected to a central Access Control System.
  • Effective – Even a small surface mounted bollard can be enough to deter a vehicle from entering a space. It doesn’t always have to be high security, timers can be used to manage when bollards are raised (providing secure access only) or lowered for periods of free access for all.
  • Free movement of pedestrians – When you need free movement of pedestrians, gates and barriers can get in the way. Bollards provide a perfect solution to separate pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Aesthetics – Not only do they provide an important role in the control of access but they also look great and can be colour matched as required to existing colour schemes.

Types of Bollards

Fixed Bollards and Posts

As the name suggests the Fixed Bollard is an embedded Bollard, this makes it a very secure type of bollard. An example of its use could be on the kerbside of a path next to a road or parking area to give protection to both pedestrians and buildings.

One of the main benefits of the Fixed Bollard is that size and style can be flexible. Just think of the many styles of bollard found in and around the City of London.

Fold Down Bollards

Fold Down Bollards allow for the temporary access of a vehicle due to its ability to fold. They are normally Surface Mounted which makes them easier to install but also less secure.

They are extremely useful for private parking spots or to provide temporary regulation of traffic to an area.

Electric / Automatic Bollards

Electric Bollards is another term for Automatic Bollards. The Automatic Bollard is a Retracting Bollard that does not require manual operation and can be linked to different types of Access Control Systems.

With these bollard systems you have flexible, automatic operation triggered by remote control or local access control such as cards, fobs or intercom systems. These system are very secure as the bollards are embedded into the ground.

Illuminated Bollards

Illuminated Bollards not only protect an area but can also help guide pedestrians or vehicles. This can be particularly useful if the area has low light. By illumining the area it also reduces the chances of an incident happening in the first place.

They come in Surface, Embedded and Retractable formats.

Bollard Mounting Options

There are three main methods of mounting a bollard. Each type has its own positives and negatives.

Surface Mounted Bollards

As the name suggest, the bollard is simply mounted to the surface with bolts or anchors. This is a very quick method of installing the bollard with little preparation work needed. The down side is that the bollard can easily be uprooted and cause damage to the surface it is mounted on should there be an impact.

Despite their drawbacks Surface Mounted Bollards are good for deterring people from parking and driving in and around an area. They still remain popular with public and private sectors due to their economical but effective use.

Embedded Bollards

Embedded Bollards are planted directly into the foundation. The bollard often sits half in the foundations to provide solid protection. Providing the foundations are of a good standard, the Embedded Bollard can stop even the heaviest of vehicles.

The main drawback of the Embedded Bollard is the implementation of the foundations. If the site has sensitive electrical or pipework below then the installation will be hindered.   

Retractable / Rising Bollards

Retractable Bollards gain the benefits of both the Surface Mounted and the Embedded Bollard in that they are secure but also retractable. This means they can be used for almost any circumstance providing that there is no issue with the foundations being laid.

Automation of the Retractable Bollards is also possible. This provide quick and easy access for vehicles to enter sensitive areas of a site. It also means the bollards can be part of a much wider Access Control System.

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