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Automatic Gates

The automated movement of gates including Swing, Sliding, Bi-Folding and Telescopic

What are Automatic Gates?

An Automatic Gate acts as gateway between two areas of a site that requires control of access. The automation controller opens or closes the gate without the need to move them manually. This therefore means the gates can be activated via a wide variety of Access Control Systems, such as Hands Free Access Control or Intercom Call Routing.

Each premises will have its own unique needs and therefore each scenario will require a different method of entry and exit. Regardless of the requirements a good system will ensure a secure, safe and quick transition of a person or vehicle between to areas. A bad system will be a hindrance to the process and possibly even cause harm. It is important to remember that badly specified automated gates have caused injuries and fatalities to pedestrians in recent years and there are strict safety considerations to be met by the installer. As certified automatic gate installers we are able to advise and implement full legal safety provision for your project.

What are the benefits of Automatic Gates?

  • Ease of use – Manually opening a gate for every person or vehicle can take a significant amount of time. Automating the gates can be done remotely and quickly.
  • Safety – To manually open a gate in a high risk situation could compromise the safety and security of the person doing so as well as the site or business. Manual locking also increases the chances of an unlocked gate due to neglect or forgetfulness. Correct installation ensures compliance with latest health and safety directives.
  • System Pairing – Automatic Gates can be paired with all types of Access Control including Hands Free Access Control and Audio/ Video Intercom Systems.
  • Security – Increased security by technology can reduce the need for personnel, increase property value, reduce the risk of opportunist thefts and keep the integrity of the site intact.

Types of Automatic Gates

Swing Gates

Swing Gates pivot on an axis in a similar way to a hinged door. They can be operated by Swing Arm, Ram Arm and Underground Link Arm Operators.

This type of gate can be preferable as there are less restrictions on the aesthetics of the gate itself. This makes them useful for gates with bespoke designs or gates that need to fit within a traditional setting.

Given the simple motion required, the hardware will generally last a long time and produce less noise than most. Generally speaking they can also be fitted to pre-existing gates, which can save on costs and keep the gate in line with the styling of the building or site.

Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates move parallel to the wall or fence and therefore don’t encroach on the floor space in front or behind the gates, particularly useful to maximise valuable parking areas or pedestrian zones.

Sliding gates do need a run off area for the gates to move into when in operation, this run off area needs to be safely protected to prevent trapping or impacts.

Bi-Folding Gates

Bi-Folding gates fold as the gate is opened. This folding is similar to the compression of an accordion.

This folding greatly increases the speed of opening/ closing as they both open/close on a pivot and compact at the same time. This difference in time can be crucial for some businesses.

By partly folding they take up less space than a Swing Gate and do not require the run off area needed for sliding gates.

Telescopic Gates

Telescopic Gates work in a very similar fashion to Sliding Gates as they retract in parallel to the wall, the difference being that they are made up of a number of separate panels meaning the run off area can be reduced as the panels bunch together.

Automatic Gate Safety Hardware

Incorrectly specified gates without the correct safety provision are extremely dangerous and can cause injuries or fatalities. Gates are heavy and use highly powered hydraulic motors to drive them that will not stop their opening or closing cycle unless the correct safety provision is in place.

As certified installers and maintainers of automatic gates we use a variety of systems to ensure you have a safe and legally compliant solution.

Infrared Beams

Infrared Beams create an invisible beam, that when intercepted triggers the gates to stop their movement. This is particularly important to ensure gates do not close on a person or vehicle when lodged in or around the gate area.

Detection Loops

Fitted into the road surface detection loops detect when metal passes through or around an area. When they sense an object they can signal for an action to arise such as the gate to stop or reverse in order to prevent a collision.

Safety Edges

Fitted to the edges of gates safety edges have soft outer shells that when touched will trigger a gate to stop or reverse the cycle it is in to prevent the obstacle from being trapped, crushed or run over by the gate.

‘Lazer’ safety beams

These are fitted to either side of the gate opening to provide a 360 degree field of ‘vision’ around the gate opening and pick up any obstacle that comes into the area they are monitoring.

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