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Automatic Barriers

An Automatic Barrier that allows control of access to an area

What are Automatic Barriers?

Automatic Barriers can vary in methods but they usually consist of a rising arm that is elevated by a control motor. The reach can be anything from 2m to 12m.

They are not typically designed to stop a moving vehicle from entering an area (anti ram) but are designed to prevent them doing so by being a physical, controlled barrier between two areas They are good for reducing unwanted traffic in an area and regulating who can enter and when. That being said, they can be paired with additional systems such as Rising Bollards to increase the physical security.

Typical uses for Automatic Barriers are for public car parks, industrial estates, blocks of flats, commercial parking areas etc.

What are the benefits of Automatic Barriers?

  • Simple control of access – If every vehicle were to be granted access, a site could become extremely congested very quickly. Automatic Barriers help manage this by physically creating a barrier between the two environments.
  • Pairing – Automatic Barriers can be paired easily with other Access Control Systems such as Key Pads, Contactless Smart Cards, Hands Free Access Control, Audio/ Video Intercom Systems, Intercom Call Routing and much more.
  • Audio/ Visual aids – Additional equipment can be installed to enhance the control of access. Examples of this could be traffic lights, flashing beacons and audible warnings.
  • Manned, remote or automated – You may wish to have additional personal on the entrance to further clarify if access can be granted. Or you may wish to link the system via Intercom Call Routing so that you can grant/ deny access in your office or on the go. Additionally, you could automate the process with Contactless Smart Cards or similar technologies to allocate entry times or additional parameters to users.

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