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Robust and flexible control of access typically included in perimeter security to provide ‘one by one’ access and can be either a permanent or temporary solution.
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Turnstile Gate Types

Traditional turnstiles are full height and constructed of metal with bars that rotate around a centre point creating 3 or 4 segments. Full-height Turnstiles provide a robust and reliable physical barrier to entry. They are sometimes referred to as Security Turnstiles as they can be rated to various security ratings, including LPCB.

Over time the term turnstiles have been used to describe any control of entry that uses segmentation revolving around a central point and has been applied to both full height and half height designs with structures sometimes using glass rather than metal.

Half height variants share similar features to Speed Gates and are often viewed and utilised as lower security solutions typically to show that an area is controlled or has restricted access and often implemented where receptions staff, security staff, or CCTV is present.

In all instances it is possible to integrate the turnstile into an existing access control system to provide secure, manageable and auditable control of access.


Security Turnstiles

Security Turnstiles

Full-height Turnstiles provide a comprehensive physical barrier from one environment to another and are typically installed into a perimeter fence or wall to control access from a public area to a secure or private area.  

  • Various security ratings / standards to accommodate all needs.
  • Compatible with a plethora of Access Control systems.
  • Superb crowd control and strong visual deterrent.
  • Significantly reduces tailgating.
Turnstile Speed & Reliability

Control & Reliability

Turnstiles typically allow the entry of one person at a time and ensure that mass uncontrolled entry through a point is not possible. This is different to, for example, a pair of doors that once opened by the first authorised person can have significant tailgating issues as many people enter through the space. Alternative solutions for ‘one by one’ entry can be provided by solutions such as Interlocks or Speed Gates.

Turnstiles have been used for many years as the control of access solution of choice for large arenas and stadiums where high numbers of people need to be effectively managed and controlled as they enter the premises. They are also used in other areas though and often as temporary access solutions on building sites and for events where temporary control of high levels of visitors is required.

One of the benefits of turnstiles is the ability to be able to see through to both sides of the turnstile. This can be particularly useful for staff monitoring the public side of the space, viewing from the secure side, whilst allowing clear lines of visual and oral communication. This a benefit that is not always possible with other entrance solutions such as doors or shutters etc.

Due to their modular construction, units can be installed in parallel, therefore allowing for greater volumes of footfall.

  • Up to 20 users per minute, per unit.
  • Units can be installed in parallel.
  • Low energy consumption and wear.
Turnstile Flexibility - Internal / External / Portable

Flexibility  - Internal / External / Portable

Constructed from various weather-resistant materials, units can be installed internally or externally.

When external, this enables control of access to be implemented in areas where space is less of a premium. This could be implemented as an initial check, or as the only check, potentially reducing the requirement for manned security staff needed throughout the wider premises.

Units can also be installed onto temporary platforms, or inside portable units, such as shipping containers. This is useful for temporary but secure controlled access solutions that can quickly and easily be deployed and removed at the end of a project or event. 

  • IP rated hardware.
  • Permanent or temporary solutions.
  • Can be integrated into shipping containers or other portable solutions.
  • Other solutions can form part of the temporary solution in the container or portable space such as an automatic door or gate for DDA compliance, access with a bike or large object passage requirements etc.

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