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Turnstiles & Speed Gates

Turnstiles & Speed Gates provide a reliable and flexible tool for controlling pedestrians on a site
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What are Turnstiles / Speed Gates?

There are two main styles of Turnstile / Speed Gates – half height and full height.

Half height variants are often waist high and provide a low security control of access. They are usually used in staffed areas where they clearly show access is restricted to authorised users without being high security.

Full height Turnstiles / Speed Gates provide a physical barrier to access and in the right environment can control access and provide security without staff being present. This range and flexibility of usage makes them a common consideration in commercial and public environments.

Examples of usage


Placing the system so that people will pass through a designated area. People can travel in both directions. Hands Free Access Control can be applied to monitor who is coming and going.

One way

Restricts the entry to only one-way traffic. This can be useful for local and site wide crowd control e.g. restricting flow in one area of a tube station so that people are forced to go to another part of the site thus reducing overcrowding and pressure in one particular area.

Restricted access

A token, coin or badge is required for entry e.g. paying for the use of a train.

What are the benefits?

  • Speed – They allow the efficient but controlled movement of pedestrians.
  • Crowd Control – They provide a simple and clear usage protocol for pedestrians to adhere to.
  • Flexible – They can be used for ceiling high enforcement or modest, smart and unobtrusive waist high entry control.
  • Intelligence – Simple intelligence such as the amount of through traffic and at what rate through a particular entrance or exit can be calculated.
  • Cost – Can reduce the cost of staffing an entrance or exit.
  • Integration – Can be integrated into existing third party access control systems.
  • Aesthetics – From a basic finish to a powder coated RAL finish.

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