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Steel Doors

Steel Doors consist of a steel frame and steel door leaf/s and are therefore rigid and strong

What are Steel Doors?

Like the name suggests, Steel Doors have a steel frame and a steel door leaf/s which lends them to being a good choice for security doors. Steel is far more rigid and stronger than other types of door construction. Plastic doors can bend drastically on hot days making it malleable for entry. Wood is generally good but often external wooden doors swell and retract during the seasons causing issues with operation. Steel doors are solid and reliable and an excellent choice for secure external doors.

Steel Doors can be finished in a variety of RAL powder coated colours to give match exiting decoration.

Despite the name we often provide steel doors with a honeycomb core that is both strong and light to make the doors easier to handle and use. With fire rated options and security certifications steel doors can be used in wide range of circumstances and combined with various locking or access control systems to give the ideal solution.

What are the benefits of Steel Doors?

  • Strong – Very strong in comparison to hollow/ solid wood and plastic doors.
  • Does not bend – Unlike more malleable doors, steel doors will not bend. This is particularly important for magnetic locking due to the lock being at the top of the door, therefore making it prone for invasion.
  • Aesthetics – Steel Doors can be finished in a variety of ways to suit most surroundings.
  • Security – We provide different levels of security rated steel doors.
  • Fire rated – We provide steel doors with fire ratings up to 240 minutes.

Want to find out more about Steel Doors?

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