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Installers of Fire Doors, Emergency Exits & Escape Mechanisms

The fundamental building blocks for a safe and secure environment at the work place
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Understanding the importance of Fire Safety

Post Grenfell, concerns regarding fire safety have become centre stage. Not only are they being taken more seriously, but the fire regulations themselves are now in the lime light in order to raise standards.

Given that the responsibility of these concerns sits on the shoulders of the building owners, we are finding ever more Site Managers [insert other job titles here] are becoming confused about the requirements to be legally compliant. In addition to this the lack of understanding and shortage of legitimate certified installers, often results in Site Owners having little to no paperwork to back up their various installations.

The lack of insufficient paperwork to back up work installations instantly puts schools, factories, residential units and the likes of at risk of fines and closures in the best of situations. We have all seen the footage of Grenfell regarding the physical outcome of poor fire safety.

Rather than panicking and trying to cover tracks, we urge companies to engage with companies such as ourselves to assess the situation at hand.



Common client issues

  • Builders installing ‘Fire Doors’ which later have to be replaced.
  • Lack of or no official documentation, leading to suspension / fines / incidents being investigated (by law).
  • General confusion and miscommunication regarding the installation, maintenance and repair of Fire Doors.
  • Simply finding it hard to find a service provider who will provide honest, reliable and official advice regarding fire safety.
  • Providers who lack knowledge and holistic experience regarding install / maintenance of fire doors and security implications where present.
  • Lack of technical knowledge – correct hinges, frames, door leaf’s, vision panels used and the likes of. Essentially it’s a technically engineered product which cant be installed like a standard door.
  • A service provide who can not only deal with fire doors, but can also advise on all things to do with entry & exit, such as Access Control, Locking Hardware, Door Security and the likes of.


Not all doom and gloom

That being said, it’s not all doom and gloom. We have worked on thousands of doors / entrances and can confidently say that improving door security / safety can have additional benefits. Some of which include better monitoring of staff, reduction in theft, happier students, cleaner hospitals, better control of access and the likes of.

In essence, fire / security is at the forefront of people’s minds. Having 100% bullet proof certification can only be a selling point to stakeholders, regardless of your sector.

Helping you find a solution – what makes us different

Poyntell has been installing and maintaining Fire Doors and similar services for over 15 years. We work with a wide range of clientele including high security central London sites, schools, hospitals, factories and everything in-between.

  • We have installed thousands of certified Fire Doors.
  • We are certified to survey, install, maintain and advise.
  • Q-Mark certified for installation & maintenance of fire doors – one of a handful to have both certifications in the South east.
  • Can provide you with all the paperwork required to be legally compliant.
  • In addition to formal certifications, we can provide real life advice that we have accumulated over the years.
  • Able to work with a multitude of doors, entrances & exits from moderate security to high security.
  • Have our own range of products and services for optimum value (cost vs safety).


What is the difference between a Fire Door, Emergency Door (Fire Exit) and an Escape Mechanism?

It is quite common for people to mix and match the terminology of each one but there is quite a difference between each role.

Fire Doors

Fire Doors are generally internal doors that help prevent the spread of fire and smoke. These are graded in terms of how long they will last before they breach. They are a technical product designed to protect the escape routes of a building whilst also providing a safe refuge for a predetermined time. We are one of the few companies in the UK certified under the Q-Mark scheme for both Fire door installation and Fire door maintenance.

Emergency Exits

Emergency Exits are normally the last exit point on an escape route out of a building. The primary aim of an emergency exit to is to give a clear, reliable exit point for the occupants of a building in an emergency. They are generally designed to open in the direction of escape to ensure that they open out in the direction of a safe point of refuge. Emergency exit doors should never be blocked and if secured then they must be able to be released in an emergency when the building is occupied. Emergency exits can be used as main entry and exit doors and be included as part of correctly specified locking system or access control system. Two different standards apply to emergency exits - BS EN 179 and BS EN1125 – we can advise, install and maintain to both standards.

Fire Exits

This term is often used (incorrectly) to describe an emergency exit.

Escape Mechanisms

Simply put they are the mechanisms that allow a door to be opened in an emergency. Various types are available but it is important to understand their differences in relation to meeting the requirements of the different standards BS EN 179 and BS EN1125. Correctly specified emergency exit systems will meet the need for security, safety and conformance to standard thus ensuring occupant safety and reduced liability.

Unsure of regulations or need help choosing?

On average 90% of our work is repeat business from existing clients but they all started with a single enquiry. Call us or email us using the electronic form below and we will be happy to deal with your enquiry.

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