Revolving Doors

A rotating set of 3 or 4 door leafs creating an entrance or exit between two environments

What are Revolving Doors?

Revolving Doors are designed so that there is a constant airlock between the two environments.

Usually the door is made up of 3 to 4 door leafs that rotate around a central point. This ensures the constant movement of people is possible while reducing the flow of air between the two areas. This also greatly reduces the cost of heating and the cooling of both environments.

Revolving Doors can be designed to revolve only one way and movement thresholds can be put in place to stop them from spinning too fast and creating a health and safety risk to users.

What are the benefits of Revolving Doors?

  • Energy Saving – They can have massive impacts on energy bills given that they greatly reduce airflow between the outside and inside. It can also greatly reduce drafts which may cause issues internally such as pressure drops.
  • Speed – Although it may not be the fastest method of Access Control, they do none the less transfer people at moderate speed.
  • Simplicity – Whether manually operated or automatically powered the same simple principle applies to all revolving doors.
  • Restriction – They can be used to physically restrict the number of people coming or going and control the rate and volume of traffic flow.

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