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Poyntell Master Key System

Your own unique, secure, patented key system designed to give you complete control, security and convenience of access to entrances all around your site.
ISO 45001 ISO 14001 ISO 9001
Q-Mark Fire Door Installation
Q-Mark Fire Door Maintenance
Q-Mark Fire Stopping
ADIA – The Automatic Door Installation Association
Guild Of Architectural Ironmongers Full Member
SafeContractor Approved

What is the Poyntell Master Key System?

The Poyntell One Key System does exactly what it says on the tin.

It allows you to have a unique key or system of keys to give you access to all locks, some locks or just one lock on your site. You decide whether you want your key to open all locks whilst other key holders are restricted to being able to open a selection of locks or just one lock. From the main entrance to the office doors, from the warehouse to outbuildings all locks can be on one secure, configurable key system that is unique to you. Your system can also be extended to control key access to machinery or powered equipment.

Your key system will be created on our unique and patent protected key system. We can build this system from our workshops as and when you require.  Our system is difficult to copy and is protected by full patent protection making it illegal for anyone to attempt to copy or reproduce it. This gives you the assurance that your key supply is secure and traceable, no keys will be provided unless authorised by you meaning you can have confidence that your key system integrity is maintained. Users will be unable to obtain copies without your knowledge and unable to obtain access to doors that you don’t wish them to have access to.

What are the benefits of the Poyntell Master Key System?

  • Different levels of access – One Master Key can open all locks, other keys can be given different levels of access.
  • Standardisation – Just one key is needed on your keychain.
  • Security – High security, patent protected keys on a unique system to you. You have control over who has access to which area, how many keys are issued and who has those keys.
  • Management – In consultation with you we build, fit and maintain the records for your unique locking system.
  • Quality – The components we use to produce our key system are manufactured in Switzerland for us by one of the worlds leading lock manufacturers.

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