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Locksmith Service and Workshop

An important factor in our ability to deal with all aspects of entry and exit related products and solutions is our experienced locksmith department and workshop where we can cut keys, repair locks and build bespoke locking systems for our clients. Our investment in this area ensures that we can take care of all the small challenges that you have such the provision of a cut key or the sourcing of an unusual lock as well as the larger challenges. We have experience in all types of locksmith work including gaining entry, re-keying, lock picking, lock building and site work as well as bespoke projects. Our work in the heritage sector and the high security sector has seen us build unique bespoke locking mechanisms and associated hardware to deliver solutions where no off the shelf items are available. We are just as comfortable putting the life back into locks that are 100 years old as we are in dealing with the smart electronic locks of the modern day.

Our knowledge and experience in this area is backed up by an investment in good stock support and service. We have over 25’000 key blanks and over 3000 product lines that we use to support our engineers and provide our clients with the best support possible.

Key Cutting & Key Accessories

Keys play such an important part in maintaining security it is surprising how often they are overlooked as a security item. Their small size belies the big impact they have when one is lost or worse still when one or a bunch are taken.

At Poyntell we recognise the value of keys and that’s why we offer all our clients a comprehensive key cutting service at our trade counter both for collection or despatch. We can cut keys but we can also make keys for older locks that for various reasons may not be able to be replaced with a more modern locking solution.

Not only do we provide keys we also know about keys that’s why when you ask for a key lock we are able to guide you through the various options available so that you get the key system that’s right for you.

In addition to the keys themselves we also offer things to hang them off, things to store them securely in and things to label them with.

Our range of keys and key related accessories/services includes:

  • Mortice keys
  • Cylinder keys
  • Cabinet keys
  • Locker Keys
  • Safe keys
  • Security keys
  • Window keys
  • Keys to code
  • Handmade keys to locks
  • Church keys
  • Key Tags
  • Key Caps
  • Key Safes
  • Key Labels
  • Authorised person only ordering option

Padlocks & Chains

Outbuildings, remote entrance ways and movable assets are all especially vulnerable when it comes to security. Alarms and CCTV all tend to report that something has happened rather than physically preventing something from happening. This is why good quality padlocks and security chains are still such an important part of providing effective, physical protection to vulnerable areas.

Our range of padlocks and chains is designed to deter, prevent or at least provide valuable delay time in thwarting even the most determined unwanted visitor.

Provided with our own patent protected key system configured to your needs and fortified with anti-drill / ant-pick protection high security locking needn’t stop at the front door.

To find out more or to ask about a specific requirement why not give us a call or drop us an email, we’d love to hear from you.

Our padlock range includes the following:

  • Open Shackle
  • Closed Shackle
  • CEN Rated (Low Security – Extra High Security)
  • Weatherproof
  • Poyntell Master keyed
  • Keyed Alike

Our Security Chain range includes the following:

  • Security Rated
  • Sleeved or Unsleeved
  • Hardened
  • Various Thickness
  • Padlocks to suit
  • Lengths to Suit application


Our staff are on hand to provide information on the latest types and ratings of safes available for commercial or domestic use.

Cash safes and Fire safes are available with various degrees of protection dependent on the type and value of asset to be stored in them.

We can supply safes with different types of operating mechanism and even include them as part of an overall security key system unique to each client.

For further information on safe types, ratings, removal or our gaining entry service why not give us a call or drop us an email.

Our range of safes and safe related services includes:

  • Cash & Fire safes
  • Insurance rated
  • Key operated
  • Digital key pad operated
  • Dial operated
  • Gain Entry Service
  • Servicing and repair
  • Removal service

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