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Antimicrobial Door Handles

Door hardware that actively destroy viruses and bacteria.
  • Covers
  • Coatings
  • Wraps / Tape
  • Copper Hardware
  • Hands Free
ISO 45001 ISO 14001 ISO 9001
Q-Mark Fire Door Installation
Q-Mark Fire Door Maintenance
Q-Mark Fire Stopping
ADIA – The Automatic Door Installation Association
Guild Of Architectural Ironmongers Full Member
SafeContractor Approved

Why use Antimicrobial Door Handles?

Since the pandemic, solutions are being put in place to reduce the chances of bacteria and viruses spreading throughout the workspace. 

Viruses and bacteria are known to survive for different lengths of time depending on the surface they are situated on. Stainless steel is one of the most common surfaces in commercial environments, however it has little to no antimicrobial properties. 

An Antimicrobial is an agent that actively kills bacteria and viruses. This therefore makes it beneficial within medium to high usage environments.

An example of an Antimicrobial material is copper.

antimicrobial door handle test information graph for copper

Antimicrobial Door Handle Covers

  • Clip on plastic covers – can keep existing ironmongery.
  • Material is a mixture of plastic and silver (the Antimicrobial agent) – doesn’t require batteries.
  • Fire Door compliant.
  • Replacement required every 6 months (recyclable).
  • Quick install times.

Antimicrobial Door Handle Coating

  • 5-year Antimicrobial guarantee .
  • Can be applied to existing heritage or bespoke ironmongery .
  • Temporary ironmongery can be installed whilst original ironmongery is being coated.
  • Fire Door compliant.

Antimicrobial Wrappers

  • Stick on wrappers – handles, push plates or anything with a flat surface that supports adhesive.
  • Good for low wear applications.
  • Quick to install to existing hardware however requires frequent changes.
  • Can resemble the appearance of a plaster unpeeling over time.

Copper Antimicrobial Door Handles

  • Handles with >60% copper alloy can naturally kill various viruses and bacteria.
  • Copper Nickel alloy handles give the appearance of stainless steel.
  • High price of copper can mean increased budgets.
  • Fire Door compliant.

Hands Free Access Control

Whilst technically not an Antimicrobial handle set, we can provide powered ‘hands free’ solutions for existing doors.

  • Hold Open Devices (non powered).
  • Motion Sensors.
  • Contactless Access Control Automation.
  • Mixed price ranges.
  • Fire & Security integration.

What is the best solution?

Whilst we wish there was a perfect solution for every environment, a belt and braces approach to everything simply doesn’t work. Going for the most heavy-duty solution for every door in the building is both expensive up front, and increases maintenance costs over time.

We highly recommend contacting us via the form below, so that we can forward any specific questions to the Architectural Ironmongery department.

The key factors to consider

  • Is it an internal or external door?
  • What hardware does the door leaf have which may require Antimicrobial properties? E.g. cylinder thumb handles.
  • How much traffic will this door see? E.g. main entrance vs utilities cupboard.
  • Does the door have special usage? E.g. equality / DDA provisions.
  • Is the area of high risk? E.g. Hospital or similar environment.
  • Is there a specific virus or bacteria you wish to guard against? E.g. COVID vs E. coli.
  • What temperature / moisture is the door normally situated in? E.g. -20c vs 20c.
  • Would Antimicrobial hardware provide additional benefits? E.g. well being of staff and customers.


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