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Security Grilles & Bars

Grilles & Bars that physically prevent invasion

What are Security Grilles & Bars?

Security Grilles & Bars help prevent the intrusion of unauthorised personal whilst allowing light and air to flow through the door, window or entrance.

They come in many shapes and sizes and are usually made to the opening rather than sold as a standard size.

What are the benefits of Security Grilles & Bars?

  • Security – Even if the door or window is compromised the security grille will still prevent access to an intruder.
  • Peace of mind – Physical security products such as security grilles deter and then physically prevent unauthorised access even when no one is about.
  • Decorative – High security doesn’t have to be menacing. We work with many engineers to create strong and decorative Security Grilles & Bars for all types of installations and styles.

Types of Security Bars & Grilles

Security Bars for Windows

Windows are often the first port of entry for an intruder. It could be that a window is left open, or it could be that the window itself has a low security rating.

Either way Security Bars will always protect you from unwanted entry as it creates a physical barrier between the two environments. Light and air can also travel through the grille, so it doesn’t mean the windows have to be constantly shut.

Security grilles can be permanently fixed or sliding so that when they aren’t required to be in use they slide to the side of the opening where they are stored discreetly.

Security Bars for Doors

Door furniture, locks and frame can all be penetrated with simple hand tools. Having a Security Bar for your door will greatly reduce the chances of an intruder gaining access.

The materials we use will require heavy machinery to penetrate. The cutting of these materials will deter most burglars due to the effort, noise and time it will take to gain access.

When burglars gain entry from another location they normally try and exit via the main door with bigger items. By stopping them in their tracks you increase the time it takes to escape and decreases the chances of larger objects becoming targets.

Custom Window Security Bars

When people have spent thousands on redecorating their offices, the last thing they want is an ugly mess to look at. That is why we work with the best engineers and work with finest materials to provide Custom Window Security Bars that not only look great, but keep you safe too.

Adjustable Security Bars

Adjustable Security Bars provide an out of the box product for most entry systems. This therefore makes them very easy to fit and relatively cheap to install.

This does mean however that they aren’t fully optimised for the case at hand. This makes them less secure in comparison to a Custom Security Bar that fits the space exactly.

Want to find out more about Security Grilles & Bars?

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