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Interlocking Security Pods

A compact unit that ensures there are always two doors, with separate levels of access, between two zones.
ISO 45001 ISO 14001 ISO 9001
Q-Mark Fire Door Installation
Q-Mark Fire Door Maintenance
Q-Mark Fire Stopping
ADIA – The Automatic Door Installation Association
Guild Of Architectural Ironmongers Full Member
SafeContractor Approved

Interlocking Pods

Interlocking Pods create a secure holding area between two zones. This holding area can then be used for a multitude of security systems.

Interlocking Pods provide all the benefits of an Interlocking Door System, within a very small footprint, whilst looking very aesthetically appealing. These can be utilised both internally and externally.

Given that they have a small footprint, Interlocking Pods enable sites to have multiple units in parallel. This allows for a relatively high flow rate of pedestrian traffic, whilst maintaining stringent security protocols.

Key benefits of Interlocking pods

Interlocking security pods small footprint

Small Footprint

Whilst the traditional Interlocking Door System (two hinged doors) can be utilised, these systems tend to occupy significantly more floor space.

With Interlocking Pods, the holding area is a modest space between the two doors. This benefit is achievable thanks to the unique nature of the semicircular doors.

Incorporating the holding area within the Pod could reduce the need for security staff having to monitor other larger areas.

  • Maximise space
  • Pods can be installed in parallel
  • Could reduce security personal requirements
Unique Benefits of Interlocking Door Systems

Unique Benefits of Interlocking Door Systems

Interlocking Doors utilise two doors, to create three separate zones, of different security requirements.

These three zones, and the protocols associated can affect the way pedestrian traffic flows in each direction. Combinations of Access Control Media and other sensors can be utilised in each of these three zones, to manage the control of access.

All safety and security functions within the door's software/hardware can be adjusted according to time, date and various Access Control parameters, on the fly.

  • Tailgating / piggybacking prevention
  • Anti-pass back protection
  • Three zones of security checks
Interlocking Pod physical security

Physical Security

Regardless of the sophisticated electronic security protocols and monitoring systems put in place, the physical security of the units is important, as this will always be the last line of defence.

Constructed from a variety of security glass (BR3S P6B), and reinforced steel, as stand-alone units these pods provide excellent physical protection for all three zones of the interlocking system.

  • Certified to LPCBs SR3
  • Security glass to BR3S P6B
  • Reinforced steel
Electronic Security (Access Control)

Electronic Security (Access Control)

Separate levels of security protocol can be applied, via Access Control, in all three of the zones created by the Interlocking Door System.

Usage Example

1) Long-range Access Control Media on the person could open the first door, for speed of access. The first door could then lock behind them. 2) Further recognition could be required, such as biometrics (face recognition, weight, fingerprint scans), to open the next door. 3) Further manned / CCTV checks could be implemented within the reception area, once they have passed through the second door.

  • Biometrics
  • Weight sensors
  • Fobs
  • Proximity sensors
  • Manned CCTV entry
  • Electromechanical locking
  • Battery backup
Monitoring & additional systems

Monitoring & Additional Systems

In addition to the automated/electronic Access Controls Systems and manned monitoring staff, there are also some interesting features which can be implemented.

  • Metal detection
  • CCTV inside and outside the booth
  • Spotlights
  • Access Control Readers outside of the Pods
  • Emergency override
Interlocking Pod Aesthetics


Coming in both square and circular formats, Interlocking Pods provide a premium finish to the front of a building.

Few door solutions look this stunning.

  • Weather-resistant metal finishes
  • RAL finishes
  • Multiple tints of glass
  • Variants of opaque glass
  • Custom branding or glass patterns

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