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Escape Mechanisms

The mechanical hardware that enables the opening of a door
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What are Escape Mechanisms?

Escape Mechanisms come in a few different variants but the fundamentals are generally the same. In essence they are mechanisms that allow a door to be opened regardless of the situation. The last thing you want in an emergency situation is a blocked, locked or obstructed exit. Finding a key or entering a code in a time of urgency would simply increase the risk of injury/ fatality. Escape Mechanisms are put in place so that the exit can be easily opened, quickly, securely and reliably. It is therefore understandable why the government has put laws in place to make Escape Mechanisms mandatory.

Types of Escape Mechanism

Below are just a few examples of some of the equipment we install for our commercial clients.

Panic Bars

Panic Bars are usually fitted across the width of the door leaf ensuring that when pressure is applied anywhere along the width of the bar the door will open.

In an emergency people will generally be in a heightened state of alert/ panic and further disorientated by smoke or darkness. The panic bar is designed to ensure that when a person arrives at the exit any contact with the mechanism will release the door. Negating the need for them to be familiar with the door or the position of the ironmongery.

Panic Bars can be fitted to single leaf, double leaf, rebated and non-rebated doors. They can also be used with access control systems if the right products are specified.

Panic Bars should always be accompanied by the correct signage for their use.

Emergency Pads

Emergency Pads are also known as Push Pad or pad handles.

The Emergency Pads functionality is very similar to that of a Panic Bar however they are only suitable for single leaf doors. They work in a similar way to a Panic Bar in that pressure applied to them will open the door but they are restricted on where they can be used.

Emergency Pads should not be fitted in public places.

Similar to Panic Bars, Emergency Pads can also be fitted with additional Access Control devices to enable the opening for everyday use.

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