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Michael Boty won MLA 2023 Nigel Rose Award

Date: 06/11/2023 | Format: Article | Read: 10 mins

Michael Boty won MLA Nigel Rose Award

We were very pleased to visit the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) Expo this year.

The turnout this year was fantastic and provided a great space for likeminded people to meet and celebrate the Locksmithing profession. Being the largest EXPO for Locksmiths in Europe, all the main players were at the event.

The exhibitors showcased the latest hardware on the market, and the Gala provided the perfect platform to celebrate some of the exceptional achievers of 2023. The MLA also managed to help raise a significant chunk of money for charity.



Nigel Rose Award

Nigel Rose Award glass tankard

This year Michael Boty qualified as a Master Locksmith which meant he had to partake in a rigorous exam set by the MLA.

This qualification process is made up of both practical and theoretical tests, in relation to various Locksmithing techniques.

At the end of each year, the MLA compare the results of all the candidates to see how they fare. The Nigel Rose Award is then presented to the highest-performing candidate of that year, globally.

Hearing that Micheal had won the award, was not a surprise, but it certainly was a great honour and further recognition of his exceptional working standards!

Michael has always prided himself on his workmanship and his thirst for locksmithing knowledge is second to none. It was fantastic that the MLA could formally recognise this, as it means a great deal to both himself personally and the whole team at POYNTELL. We are truly proud of Michael and ecstatic to see his hard work and dedication so deservedly rewarded.



2 MLA Leaderboard Wins

Given the competitive, and challenging nature of the Locksmithing profession, during the EXPO there are normally a few challenges set out by the MLA.

These challenges allow any Locksmith, on the day, to perform against other leading Locksmiths in Europe. These tests are normally set out to test the engineers’ performance, within a timed environment.

We see this as the Top Gear leaderboard for the locksmithing industry. Whilst it may not be as prestigious as the Nigel Rose Award, it still certainly carries kudos.

Once again, Boty excelled and managed to accomplish the following.



Task 1  - Pole Position

The Task

Assembling a Union / Chub 3G114E, Era Fortress and a Union 2134.

The components of all three locks were mixed up randomly together in a bag.


Michael managed to top the leaderboard, with a time of 4:24.49.



Task 2 – Position 4

The task

Blind folded assembly of a Union / Chub 3G114E from a mixed component bag.


Michael managed position 4, with a time of 5:25.37.



Task 3 – Pole Position

The task

To assemble a Union / Chub 3G110, from a mixed component bag. This was to be made to work with one of three differing keys.


Michael once again maintains poll position with a time of 2:59.76




Needless to say, Michael is very well known within the sector, and is often at the heart of discussions regarding Access Control and Locksmithing in general. It was great to see him on top form at the event.

This along with other significant project work highlights the sheer brilliance of Michael's work and contribution to POYNTELL, both in terms of expertise and companionship.

Congratulations Michael Boty, and bring on MLA 2025!

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