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6 Common Fire Door Compliance Issues Video

Date: 22/03/2022 | Format: Video | Read: 8 mins

1. Door records

  • Fire ratings not established.
  • Door ID system not standardised.
  • Floor plans incomplete / unclear.

2. Signage/Door Labels

  • Fire Door signage incorrect, or not present.
  • Manufacturer and / or certified label removed or never installed.
  • No door ID label present on door.

3. Gaps/Voids

  • Excessive door gaps due to poor maintenance, install or usage.
  • Voids between frame and surrounding structure.
  • No frame / architrave sealing.

4. Door closing

  • Leaf out of alignment.
  • Door closer incorrectly fitted / maintained.
  • Latch / lock preventing reliable closing.

5. Seals

  • Seals damaged or missing.
  • Mixed seals on door voiding compliance.
  • No smoke seals on doors requiring them. 

6. Integrity

  • Impact damage to leaf or frame.
  • Holes from removed ironmongery.
  • Damaged glazing.
  • Doors wedged open.

In a survey among fire risk assessors:

  • 80% of escape routes were obstructed. 
  • 65% of fire doors were wedged open.
  • 85% had door closers disconnected.

A review revealed of 100 cases prosecuted under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, fire doors were the second highest reason for prosecutions.

It is a legal responsibility to ensure that fire doors are suitably rated for their location / use, correctly installed and that their ongoing performance / integrity to perform is not compromised.

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