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Smart Chip Solutions

The technology that drives devices such as Fobs, Smart Bracelets and the London Underground Oyster Card
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What are Smart Chip Solutions?

When people start searching for the correct Access Control Solution they normally look for things they recognise such as Fobs and Smart Cards. Often what they don’t realise is that the underlying technology is the same for each device, it’s just the delivery method that’s different.

Below are just a few examples of how Smart Chip Solutions can be utilised.

Examples of different Smart Chip Solutions


This can be useful if the carrier is forgetful or does not want to carry additional baggage.


This is normally far from what people usually want, but it is possible!

Wrist Band

Very helpful for the leisure industry. For instance you don’t want to carry around money locker credentials when visiting a Spa or using a swimming pool. A pre-programmed smart wrist band is waterproof, shatter proof and comfortable to wear in all environments to give convenient access to authorised users, provide access to lockers and be used for cashless vending systems.

Mobile Phone

Many of the main brands now have support for this functionality however it can be limited, it is also highly personal. There is also a very slim chance of swapping or lending credentials.

Sticky Smart Tags

We can provide smart chips embedded into different sizes of sticky pad which can then be attached to a variety of surfaces including existing older media such as swipe cards. This is particularly useful if those cards are already personalised. Smart tags can also be stuck to laptops, wallets, bags and many other items and surfaces.


Fobs can easily fit on your key ring and give a couple of instant benefits such as being easy to locate and extremely unlikely to be lost – people take more care of their car/house keys and as such the fob is less likely to be lost when compared to an individually carried card.

Smart Card

Not only is a smart card easily accessible, easy to store in a wallet, purse or lanyard holder it also is a very familiar format for users and is a standardised size for all card readers and machines. Unlike many other forms of media the surface of a smart card lends itself to advertising or identification.

What are the benefits of Smart Chip Solutions

  • Storage of many data sets – When the Smart Chip meets the reader a wide variety of data can be transferred and stored. Examples include time/date, location, Cashless Vending information and authorised/unauthorised attempts at access.
  • Cashless Vending – Allows the smart media to be used a payment resource by having credits bought and placed onto the smart chip. Or credits can be accumulated on the chip for them to be paid off at the end of the usage. This type of system is great for clubs, schools, colleges and membership environments as it guarantees spend is tied to the site and is highly secure with individuals not needing to carry cash. It also means that the operator of the system can have all monies received up front before any actual services or products are purchased by the user.
  • Hard wearing – Generally speaking and providing the Smart Chip device is well protected there is a slim chance of it being damaged. Contactless smart media suffers from very little wear as it doesn’t need to be swiped or have contact with a reader to function efficiently.
  • Secure – When compared to other media such as magnetic swipe cards a Smart Chip Solution is far more robust and secure with advanced encryption available and rolling user codes that prevent encryption copying.
  • Speed – This depends on the ‘speed’ of the Access Control System however generally speaking the exchange of access data between the smart media and the reader is extremely fast.
  • System versatility – Smart Chip technology can store vast data sets enabling it to be used for a wide variety of tasks throughout a site such as automatic doors, standard doors, lift control, turnstiles, automatic gates, asset tagging, cashless vending and controlling use of machinery for health and safety or work permit related reasons.
  • Intelligence – Companies and staff can really benefit from the data that Smart Chip technology provides. This data may be useful for security, health and safety, increasing efficiency or simply improving staff wellbeing.

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