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Push Button Locks

Push Button Locks are activated by pressing a series of letters, numbers and special characters

What are Push Button Door Locks?

Push Button Door Locks are activated by pressing a series of letters, numbers and special characters. There are two main types - mechanical and electronic. Both types can have a key override in case the code is forgotten.

The Mechanical Push Button Lock is the simplest as it unlocks the door with the action of the lock itself. It is also the cheapest to install, however you will have to change the code manually on each lock when necessary. Digital Push Button Lock systems can range from a standalone system to a multi-site IP based (networked) system. Standalone means each separate system will need to be updated individually. IP (Networked) Push Button Locks can be controlled centrally therefore making mass updates quicker and more accurate.

What are the benefits of Push Button Locks?

  • No keys needed – keys don’t need to be carried around by you or your colleagues. It also means that there are no spare keys that could get into the wrong hands.
  • Temporary access - On some products one time codes can be programmed to give one time access or access for a particular time period.
  • Safe - Keys can often be copied. Codes can be changed more frequently therefore reducing unwanted entry.
  • Multi use - Can be fitted to many devices including doors, cabinets, vaults etc.
  • Comprehensive and simple versions - Wide variety from extensive IP based multi-site systems to simple and affordable standalone mechanical locks. There is usually a product that fits the requirement.
  • Key override – In some cases, if you wish to, you can also have a key override. This is useful if codes are forgotten or misplaced.
  • Multi-site updates – If all the Push Button Door Locks are linked via a network (IP) then system wide changes can take place simultaneously. Good for security and efficiency.

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