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Intercom Call Routing

The ability to call your mobile/ phone when someone is on the intercom

What is Intercom Call Routing?

Call Routing may sound complicated but the principal is simple.

If someone arrives at your office door and presses the intercom when you’re out normally they wouldn’t be able to get through to you directly. With Call Routing the intercom system knows to call multiple numbers that you have (land line, work mobile, personal mobile etc.) simultaneously or in sequence to ensure that you can speak with the caller directly from wherever you are. Once you have verified who the caller is you have the option to grant them access by releasing the door from the phone you are receiving the call on.  

To make the system even more suitable for your specific needs we are able to set up different rules for different days/time of day such as the system knowing to call your home mobile during certain days/times and your work mobile at others.

What are the benefits of Intercom Call Routing?

  • Flexibility – You could be out and about or in the office, calls can be taken anywhere.
  • Cost – Call Routing essentially turns your intercom into a telephone with a sim card so there is no need to run cables and wires from the entrance unit to tethered receiver units. Once installed you can set up your own sim card plan just like you would on a standard mobile phone contract. With such cheap national and international calls the overall cost is low.
  • Lost your keys? – If you misplace your keys you can simply call yourself via the intercom and let yourself in via your mobile phone.
  • Multiple contacts – You can set up over a hundred contacts per intercom enabling a range of receivers to be contacted at different times and on different numbers.
  • Multiple phones – The intercom can call more than one phone per person either simultaneously or in a predetermined sequence to give the best chance of making contact with the authorised recipient of the call.

Want to find out more about Intercom Call Routing?

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