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A unique key system that provides paramount security and transparency of Access Control

What is Intellikey?

Intellikey is a globally renowned company that champions a unique and patented Access Control System.

The Intellikey system can be broken down into two parts - the Intelligent Key and the Intellikey Controllers. The battery less key communicates with the controller within the door, the controller is able to determine if access can be granted to the key. The key itself holds information about the assigned user which is relayed to the controller via an invisible, encrypted infrared link.  The controller is able to read/ write information within the key according to usage.  

The controller has the ability to grant/ deny access according to parameters such as time, date, location, time zone, day light saving, leap year and holidays.

Poyntell is one of only a few Gold Standard installers of this system in the UK.

What are the benefits of Intellikey?

  • Battery powered – the keys are battery less and the controllers within the doors are battery powered. This reduces cost and hassle. Powered controllers are available at request.
  • Secure – Unlike many Smart Chip Solutions, the Intellikey has a patented design to protect it from electrostatic attacks.
  • Programmable – Each key and door controller can be changed hundreds of times. This means each key can be reprogrammed for many different people. It can also be used for many different applications.
  • Cost – The company can save money given that keys and controllers are programmable. The re-cutting and working of keys/ locks can be a lengthy procedure. The Intellikey controllers can also be retrofitted into traditional set ups. This means the original door hardware can stay the same.
  • Visibility – Each controller can record up to 1000 transactions. This visibility will help you gain valuable insights into your user’s activities.
  • Trusted – The Houses of Parliament and the Pentagon are just a couple to mention.

Want to find out more about Intellikey?

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