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Audio / Video Intercom Systems

The ability to grant or deny access via Audio / Video monitoring system

What is an Audio/ Video Intercom System?

An Audio/ Video Intercom System allows you to see and hear an individual before granting access. It can be used as an initial or secondary level of Access Control.

A common example of an Audio/ Video Intercom System would be the monitoring of an entrance at a commercial property. When a delivery driver wishes to enter a site the security personnel or reception desk can grant/deny access remotely via a desk based or mobile handset.

What are the benefits of an Audio/ Video Intercom System?

  • Useable Externally (I.E Vehicle entrance) or Internally (I.E Main Lobby area) – Audio/ Video Intercom Systems can be installed in most environments to give controlled access to visitors or users of a site without the need for access control credentials.
  • Flexible systems and technology – Audio/ Video can be sent via IP to computers, phones, mobiles and anything with connection to the network/ Internet. Installations can be anti-vandal, DDA compliant, combine different technologies and be surface or flush mounted as required. Usage of the system can be restricted by date/time and by phone recipient.
  • Intelligent transferring of access– Rules can be set up so that if person A cannot pick up the call it is forwarded to person B. Systems no longer have to a call a tethered landline allowing a call from an entrance to be received via mobile anywhere in the world and still retain the ability for that mobile to send an instruction to the entrance to allow access to the caller.
  • Convenience – The flexibility of our systems means that you can have the most convenient and efficient system based on your specific needs.
  • Safe and secure – Audio/video systems allow verifiable control of entry to both vehicles and pedestrians ensuring that you know who is requesting to enter a site/area before entry is granted.

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