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Access Control

The safety, security and control of entrances & exits

What is Access Control?

Unless we want everyone to go everywhere and do anything, we have to apply access control to areas around a site. Access control can mean anything that prevents or allows access and can come in many forms of solution from mechanical to electro-mechanical to electronic security.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a locked/ unlocked door, but usually it’s a little more complicated than that. Complex solutions aren’t always the most effective. However creative thinking can go a long way. For instance, our patented Poyntell key can be fitted on all types of doors but the key access is decided by you with each key able to have different levels of access.

What are the benefits of Access Control?

Ensuring the correct level of access control for each door and each person will improve security and convenience for you. Regardless of your current situation you may wish to take the following into consideration:

  • Who – Should you allow everyone everywhere or do you need to contain certain individuals within set parameters.
  • What – Vehicles, machines, tools and even areas of special importance. Whether it be mechanical or human, control can be paramount.
  • When – Time is of the essence. Should people/ machines be in X position at X time, or should this be restricted? Think how this could be used for safety, productivity and purpose.
  • How – Is it a rock in front of a cave, or is it a steel door with a Poyntell Master Key system? Also, think about how you could improve your access control through insights available e.g. average clock in time, breaches due to badge sharing.
“Deciding who or what is allowed to enter or leave an area and at what time are the building blocks upon which a successful access control system is based.” Ian Grout - Technical Director, Poyntell

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